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Sample cigarettes (200 cigarettes)

  • 42.33 EUR (0.038003 BTC)
  • more than 25 pcs in stock
  • only (551 / -3)
  • Ukraine → Worldwide

Can't decide which cigarette brand to order? Try one of these sample cartons:

Lighter (10 packs or 200 cigarettes in total): Marlboro Gold, Kent 4, Lucky Strike Blue, Camel Blue, L&M Blue Label, Prima Lux Blue, Winston Blue, Monte Carlo Blue, Chesterfield Blue, Bond Blue.

Stronger (10 packs or 200 cigarettes in total): Marlboro Red, Kent 8, Lucky Strike Red, Camel Filters, L&M Red Label, Prima Lux Red, Winston Red, Monte Carlo Red, Classic Red, Bond Red.

Please mention which variation you want in the order notes.

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